Enrolment Details


All Prospective New Enrolments are entitled to ONE FREE INTRODUCTORY CLASS

Please come along and Try Out gymnastics at no cost to you. (See below for how to enrol)

Uniform Requirements:

JUMPING JOEYS AND GYMFUN GRASSHOPPERS – All children should wear college T-Shirt (supplied by club), with shorts, leggings or tracksuit pants. A leotard may be worn under the T-Shirt (no jeans, dresses or skirts)

BOUNCING BILBY’S AND ADVANCED GYMNASTS – All gymnasts should wear a leotard. (Girls may wear Crop Tops).   College T-Shirts may be worn over the top as well as shorts or leggings.

Children participate in bare feet.

A drink should be brought to all classes.


Fees are made up as follows:

  • Membership Fee – This is a yearly amount paid at your 2nd class and covers the cost of Registration with Gymnastics Australia and Gymnastics Victoria including injury insurance plus administration fees until the 31st December each year
  • Term Fee
    – This amount is paid once a term and covers the cost of classes. Term fees are usually based on a 10 week term although some terms may be either 9 or 11 weeks in duration. If you miss a class you are entitled to make up that class in the same term.


Enrol Online

Enrol online for a FREE “Come and Try” class by clinking on the ‘Parent Login’ button (below).  You will need to create an account.

Once you have created an account for your family you need to enter your child / children and then click  ‘Find a Class’ the first link on the menu  You can then search for a session that suits your child.  All available classes will display.  Once you have chosen your class, change the “active” button to “trial” then Click ‘Submit Request’.  Once your class is approved an email will be sent to your nominated email address. If you have difficulty enrolling please email us and we will fix it for you


Member Login
Member Login


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